Some photos of people from the Lab

Mauricio Bini and Alex Diniz in October 2004, photo for ISI highlight of the ‘red herrings’ paper

Thiago, Alex and Mauricio, launching the 1st Beta-version of SAM, June 2005

The first ‘SAM course’, in Goiânia, June 2005

The SAM course in University of Alcalá, Spain, June 2005

Alexandre e Miguel Rodríguez, Alcalá, June 2005

Alexandre and Miguel Araújo, Madri June 2005

The Linnean Society, July 2005

Oxford, July 2005

The second visit of Brad Hawkins to Goiânia, November 2003

Brad, Thiago, Adriano, Priscilla and Alexandre

Brad and Alexandre

Brad and Adriano ‘Grumincha’ Melo

Limnology Congress 2005

Rúbia, Tundisi, Mauricio e Juliana

Miguel Araujo visiting Goiania, September 2005 (sponsored by PRONEX project)

Miguel, Alexandre and Thiago

Miguel`s talk

Rob Colwell visiting Goiania, February 2006

Rob Colwell and people of the lab

Rob, Thiago, Mau and Priscilla

Alexandre, Rob and Roger

The third visit of Brad Hawkins to Goiânia, May 2006

(sponsored by Fulbrigh Foundation)

Brad, Micky, Bini and Alexandre

Playing with Nick Gotelli in Potsdam, Germany, August 2006

Visiting Paris before Macroecology Meeting in Potsdam, august 2006

Macroecology Meeting in Potsdam, august 2006

Miguel A. Rodríguez visited us in November, 2006

(here with João Vitor and João Pedro (Alexandre`s soons), Bini, Miguel and `seu`Jòao, our guide in “Chapada dos Veadeiros” National Park)

Other photos...

Our friend and mentor MIGUEL PETRERE JR. and Paulo de Marco ‘Planaria’ Jr….